Space law classes in Noordwijk

Goede dag! While the European Centre for Space Law's (ECSL) 16th Summer Course on Space Law and Policy takes place this week in Noordwijk, the Netherlands (Sept. 3rd through 14th), here's a little something by way of consolation for those of us not there: a good selection of video presentations from last summer's program, which also took place in lovely Noordwijk, the Euro seaside resort known for its beaches and bulb flower fields.

Slides from the talks are included in each video. (Some of these presentations may seem familiar -- I've posted about this ECSL offering before, and it's definitely worth another go; click on the above video link for the full menu):

  • Bradford Smith, Alcatel: talks about intellectual property rights an the patentability of orbits and frequencies.
  • Jerome Bequignon, Directorate of Earth Observation of ESA: on the International Charter of Space and Major Disasters and disaster management.
  • Prof. Ray Harris, University of London: discusses earth observation data policies internationally.
  • Prof. Frans van der Dunk, University of Leiden: discusses legal issues in space tourism.
  • Dr. Jean Clavel, head of the astronomy division of the Directorate of Science Programme of the European Space Agency: not a law lecture, but a talk aout our universe and introduction to ESA's science programme.

    Enjoy. There won't be a quiz later.

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