NYC Taxis Strike Over GPS

That's right, in the middle of Fashion Week and the U.S. Open, NYC taxi drivers have mounted a two-day strike to protest a city plan to require GPS tracking in cabs.

As the New York Taxi Workers Alliance explains,
complaints about GPS from some of our otherwise easy going, open minded and clearly tech-smart NYC cabbies, include new and completely uncalled for intrusions into driver privacy in that "GPS will automatically tell the TLC [New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission] where you were at what time, how many fares/trips per shift, when you’re off-duty and how much money you’ve made."

Outrageous. Tracking city taxis on public streets, in this day and age? Now how can a cabbie in this town take a nice detour (some tourists want a little extra sight-seeing with the meter running, right?), grab a nap, or do whatever else a hard-working cab driver does that's work related but absolutely none of TLC's business?

Well never mind the fashionistas and tennis fans slumming it on the subway today, let's hope the TLC and drivers get this dispute sorted out in time for the Satellite Investment Summit as well as SATCON taking place here in town next month. Lots of cabs will be needed, and by folks who like a bit of GPS with their ride.

Meanwhile, perhaps we should bring back those ol' horse drawn streetcars? GPS not included.

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