Got space law CLE credits?

U.S. lawyers sure must be covering their continuing legal education credit requirements with classes in not so far out legal subjects like patent licensing, qui tam, the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, hedge fund regulation, animal rights, anything but space law. I know I am. CLE space law courses and seminars remain rare. In fact, so far I've only had opportunity to blog about one, presented early last year by the Pennsylvania Bar Association's CLE institute, and it sounded excellent.

Well here is a bit of welcome news about a few more millennium-ready CLE providers currently adding space law to their repertoires:

  • CLE International has announced a new conference, Space Law: Beyond International Treaty Law (12 credits) taking place Dec. 10-11, 2007 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, California. The program will be chaired by Rachel A. Yates of Holland & Hart, and features an excellent panel of space law and industry experts. Topics include remote sensing laws and policies (yes, Prof. Joanne Gabrynowicz will host that panel), exports controls, space tourism, satellite regulations and issues, weaponization of space, new roles for NASA, lots more. School uniform optional.

  • Colorado Bar Association offers a full-day 6 credit CLE seminar on Aviation and Space Law, Nov. 15, 2007 in Denver (with video replay scheduled for Dec. 7th in Colorado Springs and other locations). Of course when air law and space law are linked on a program, traditionally air gets top billing and most of the attention. But among the panels on air crashes, corporate aviation transactions, environmental issues affecting aviation, etc., I do note a lone morning panel, "What's New in Space Law," presented by Rachel A. Yates.

    By the way, continuing legal education is not for American lawyers only. I did not hear about this one in time to announce it but over in Sydney, Austria, the Lawyers Reform Association presented a
    space law CLE seminar in September 2006, which included Dr Michael Green, director of the Australian Government Space Licensing and Safety Office (SLASO) and other presenters. Impressive.

    If you know of others space law CLE resource (webcasts, lectures, conferences, etc.) currently scheduled or in the works, send me a heads up and I'll post about those too.

    And keep hittin' those law lessons. Enjoy your nonstop endless ongoing and continuing legal education which, to paraphrase Robert Frost, essentially consists of "hanging around until you've caught on."

    * * *
    IMAGE: Don't recall where I got this, but thanks to the artist.

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