Inked space

Ah, the digital age. So many pixels, so little time to eyeball books.

Well, if your idea of a rousing New Year's celebration is to cuddle up at home and indulge in an orgy of space law book reading, here are just a few notable new titles for your indulgence.

  • Space Law (yes, clever title) (too bad the book jacket is, as we see here, not nearly as catchy) by Robert McCorquodale, Paul B. Larsen (editor), Francis Lyall (editor). Publication date Dec. 31, 2006 -- just in time, tho' a bit pricey at $275. (Or, you can save the money and put it towards like half a Playstation 3.)

  • The International Space Station: Commercial Utilisation from a European Legal Perspective (Studies in Space Law) by F. G. Von Der Dunk (editor), M. M. T. A. Brus (editor) (July 2006).

  • Transboundary Damage in International Law (Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law) (Nov. 2006) by Xue Hanqin. Dr. Hanqin covers damage on earth and space but she won't mind if you skip around to just the space topics.

  • Chinese Space Policy (Space Power and Politics) by Handberg/Li. Actually, this won't be available until Jan. 2007; and I hope but can't promise that its in English.

  • Proceedings of the Forty-eighth Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space, published by AIAA, July 2006.

  • While you are on Amazon (or wherever you shop for law books) don't buy the proceedings of the UN's workshop on space law held in Nigeria, which is also printed and for sale in book form -- as I mentioned, save your money, it's online for free.

    But never mind all that geeky law stuff. It's a party. Skip right to the hottest space title from the summer of 2006. . .

  • Sex in Space by Laura S. Woodmansee (August 2006). (I did say "orgy" and "rousing.") Build a fire and serve up the hot toddies for this one. (And don't confuse Laura's book with the similarly titled, Sex in space: The politics and logistics of sexually integrating NASA's astronaut corps, which is the Oct. 2006 published dissertation of Dr. Amy Foster.)

    By the way, if you are tired of space law and want to try something altogether new or perhaps more down to earth in 2007 -- and don't worry about me, I'm a big girl, I won't be offended -- here is a sizzling new
    Introduction to Air Law by I. H. Philepina Diederiks-Verschoor and M. A. Butler.

    Oh sure. You'll be back.


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