Friday Flybys - 12.15.06

Yes, I'm tipsy on early evening eggnog and still not having as much fun as Astronaut Joan E. Higginbotham, STS-116 mission specialist, as she "retrieves items from a drawer on the middeck of the Space Shuttle Discovery during flight day six activities." (Dec 14, 2006)


  • Another kind of discovery for the space agency: NASA is responding to a Spacehab discovery request in the ongoing dispute over the contractor's loss of its Research Double Module (RDM) aboard the space shuttle Columbia. (This is just an internal NASA memo, not the document request itself.)

  • By the way, not connected with this case, here is news about some reorganization at Spacehab.

  • Rocketry Planet reports that while the US "appears to be trying to asphyxiate hobby rocketry via over-regulation," the Netherlands after years of lobbying and negotiation, "is becoming 'rocketry-friendly,' with a the enactment of new Dutch laws, based on FAA models, "that recognize and legitimize the flying of model and high power rockets." The Netherlands is the first country to create an official exemption in national airspace laws for hobby rockets. See the post for highlights of the law. (Hat tip: the lovable Rocket Dungeon)

  • Also at the Dungeon, Dick Stafford comments on BATFE targeting sugar propellants. Snap crackle pop.

  • Over at his Poli-Space Peer Review, Ryan Zelnio pulls out all kinds of treats, including an overview of Prof. Joanne Gabrynowicz's article, Space Law: Its Origins and Challenges in the Era of Globalization, (a 2004 classic, from the Suffolk University Law Review); a critique of congressional testimony on space commerce; lots more stuff.

  • Live, die and pay spaceport tax. (Personal Spaceflight)

  • Only two months left to comment on the draft Space Assets Protocol. (That's right, as Instapundit said, "Making space law on Space Law Probe blog.")

  • Well of course the State Department defends the national space policy.

  • Goodbye 109th Congress.

  • Lawyer J.H. Huebert calls $10 billion a year for a moon base a truly loony idea. ("Loony" is a legal term.)

  • Virginia lawyer and Spaceports blog host Jack Kennedy has another blog, devoted to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport.

  • ULA's first mission is history.

  • SpaceAlumni.com: an interactive online space network. Space lawyers are welcome. (Even if you're not as cool as Berin Szoka. ;)

  • Clark Lindsey has an great idea for a good sci-fi TV drama about NewSpace. (Short of that, maybe a reality show called, Space Lawyer Idol? Nah.)

  • Can't wait until these Orbital Outfitters fashions are ready for retail.

  • Auntie Jesse digs that Jonny Bloggin'.

    * * *

    UPDATE: AHHHHH. Almost missed this! (Just when you thought it was safe to duck out for some holiday shopping and more partying...)
    FAA/AST sends this little seasons greetings: Human Space Flight Requirements for Crew and Space Flight Participants final rule. This is becoming a great holiday tradition. As I recall, everyone was off partying last December when they issued the proposed rule. OK, it'll keep 'til I finish another glass of eggnog ;).

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