Home on the Moon

(Keith Cowing was just up on my new plasma flat panel TV, talking with Gwen Ifill of The NewsHour about NASA's new global exploration strategy and proposed lunar architecture which the space agency unveiled yesterday... Cool. Here's an MP3 of that interview.)

By now you've seen NASA's
press release and related reports covering the annoucement of NASA's plans for putting people back on the Moon for good.

I note that our favorite lawyer who is second in command at NASA, Ms. Shana Dale, "is guiding the long-term strategy development effort among 14 of the world's space agencies." And this is a
slide presentation about the lunar outpost delivered by NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale yesterday.

The Washington Post article also includes a
one minute clip of the deputy administrator discussing NASA's proposal.

Today and going forward, lots of talk of course about the
costs etc., of a permanent moon base at the rim of Shackleton crater.

Meanwhile, just in time, NSS opens its
Space Settlement Nexus, a showcase of materials concerning space settlement stuff.

(One sure thing about all this: Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton would have approved.)

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