Satellite Finance in NYC

A reminder: ISCe Satellite Investment Symposium (ISIS) NYC '06 comes to my hometown on Nov. 28, 2006, at co-host Jones Day's law offices in mid-town Manhattan.

Come on out and schmooze New York-style with hot-shot execs in satellite TV, satellite radio, mobile satellite, fixed satellite services, IPTV, broadcasters, digital TV/SyndEx and mobile video sectors of the satellite industry along with leading New York financiers and Wall Street folks. And their lawyers, too.

Jones Day, of course, is one of Earth's top global law firms with "more than 2,200 lawyers in 30 offices around the world." And the firm's senior telecommunications counsel,
Del Smith, author of, for example, the classic book, Space Stations: International Law and Policy, as well as Communication Via Satellite, and lots more, is co-chairing the event.

Have a big apple satellite day.
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Image credit: Boeing; and it looks like an illustration of DIRECTV-4S, a Boeing 601 HP satellite and
here is some info on it.

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UPDATE 11/15/06: This just in - FCC Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein will be the keynote speaker at ISIS NYC '06. Excellent. And I'm sure Adelstein will share valuable insights into, among other things, how the changeover of power in Washington may impact satellite business.

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