Space Cowboy Governor

I'm from the "Empire State" not the "Land of Enchantment," but from where I sit, one week away from the mid-term vote, it sure looks like the popular governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, is having some fun with his re-election campaign. In a notably negative and nasty election season, here is the governor's refreshingly light-hearted and positive campaign commercial in which the incumbent -- and yes, some say 2008 presidential hopeful -- appears in a parody of Western movies, playing sheriff, ordering a glass of milk in an ol' time saloon, and saying, "next time, let's make a space movie!"
A hoot of an idea.

And here's an image of the governor playing himself in what could be a scene from that movie.

(Who will play Sir Richard?)

Oscar potential? I'll raise a glass of milk to it.

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