UK Space Act Covers Bermuda

No, I did not personally research this by jetting down to the gorgeous UK overseas territory consisting of 138 coral islands and islets glistening in the North Atlantic Ocean 640 miles off the US coast.

Alas, all I have is Bermuda's daily newspaper, The Royal Gazette, reporting that Bermuda will finally be brought under the umbrella of Britain's
Outer Space Act at the end of the month, which "could pave the way to the Island picking up thousands of dollars in filing fees."

According to the Gazette, "Telecommunications Minister Michael Scott said the Island now had the legal framework to attract the satellite industry - although some major companies, including Intelsat, already have a nominal presence here. When the Act is rubber stamped in the UK at the end of the month, Bermuda will be better able to attract fees for issuing launch licenses."

In a press conference this week, Mr. Scott specified, "We are poised to position Bermuda as a provider of globally recognised space services and as a country which is able to develop its space assets into useable assets by the international space industry." Go for it!

Mr. Scott did not shy away from mentioning taking space business away from the US, and also noted the ongoing tussle between Bermuda and the Isle of Man over orbital slots, which I discussed here.

(Hmm. Maybe I should take a trip down there after all. You know, just to monitor developments....
Pass the rum swizzle?)

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Image credit: Bermudagetaway.com

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