Government Space at George Mason

Interested in how the US makes space policy? Perplexed about the federal space offices and departments of the world's only "space superpower"? Want a better understanding of the US government's involvement in space activities?

Over at George Mason University's Arlington campus, for the fourth consecutive year, it's time for the unique short course aptly titled,
The U.S. Government Space Sector, Oct. 17-19, 2006.

If you have not attended one of these programs, the two and a half day offering, developed by the GMU School of Public Policy's
Center for Aerospace Policy Research, along with co-sponsors, the American Astronautical Society and the Space Foundation, provides "an overview of the departments and agencies, both civil and military, involved with U.S. Government space programs." Thank goodness.

Who should attend? According to GMU, people "entering the space field - civil servants, military and non-government alike - who would benefit from a broad-based understanding of the overall extent of the U.S. government's involvement in space." Space lawyers are not specifically invited, but I'd say they need the help as much as anyone.

Here's the

Go figure out the government. A lot of smart folks are working on it.

(Regards to Ian Pryke ;)

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