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(No, Space Law Probe is not changing its name, or going back to blog school to learn a new trade. You decide if that's a good thing.)

Dr. Vishal Nangalia shares this annoucement:

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The UK Space Biomedicine Group (UKSBG) is hosting the 3rd UK Space Medicine Conference on the weekend of the 30th September - 1st October at the National Space Centre in Leicester, UK.

This is an international Symposium supported by the Space Medicine Association. The Speakers at this years conference have a diverse background from NASA and ESA flight surgeons, professors, space entrepreneurs, to exceptional young biomedical professionals. The topics although biomedically focused are accessible to all and we would like to encourage attendance by everyone.

For further information please check out the
UK Space Biomedicine Group - 3rd Space Medicine Conference.

Or email me: vishal@spacesurgeons.com.

Ad Astra,
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Illustration: Cells (or are they strange KBO's even smaller and funnier-shaped than Pluto?) courtesy of NASA.

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