Orion by Lockheed

Congratulations to Lockheed Martin on nailing the mega-billion dollar NASA deal to design and build the new US spaceship to fly to the moon and beyond....

Here's some
background from NASA on Lockheed's selection (over Northrop Grumman/Boeing) in "one of the most significant NASA procurements in more than 30 years...," (plus a neat little video); as well as more coverage of "Apollo on steroids"/Orion here (Alan Boyle, MSNBC), here (Brian Berger, Space.com), here (William Harwood, Spaceflight Now), here (NY Times) and media outlets everywhere.

UPDATE: And here's today's announcement that
Orbital will provide the launch abort system for Orion.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Speaking of going to the moon, the European Space Agency's
SMART-1 probe is on track for its controlled crash into the lunar surface this weekend. (Ouch. Turns out, getting there is not always the hardest part.)

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