Reviewing ULA

It's been so long since we've had any word on ULA, some may have forgotten what ULA is.

Here is a review.

ULA is:

A Mongolian tribe.
An ancient Tongan dance.
A district in Turkey.
A village in Norway.
A river in Lithuania.
A a class of Norwegian submarines.
A type of a silicon chip (uncommitted logic array).
A Venezuelan regional TV channel.
An extinct Hawaiian Honeycreeper.
A hero in Hawaiian mythology (Nana-Ula).
The journey to final judgment in the Ayyavazhi mythology (Nadutheervai Ula).

Yes, all that and more.

By the way, when I said I was disabling my
ULA-auto post, I lied. So here it is again, in response to the latest reports that the FTC may decide on Boeing and Lockheed's proposed government rocket launch business merger in "two or three weeks" (and clearly these news reports are generated by some kind of auto-post applet too): "Oh sure. We've heard that before."

* * *
Image: A bend in the river Ūla in Dzūkija National Park in southern Lithuania (via Wikipedia). And if you look carefully, you may see government antitrust regulators camping out on the river's edge.

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