Breaking News on ULA

News flash: There has been no new unsubstantiated rumor in connection with United Launch Alliance (ULA), the proposed Boeing Lockheed EELV merger, in approximately 48 hours.

That's right, in an astonishing development this week, almost two days have now passed since the surfacing of unverified, retracted, verfiably incorrect or otherwise fact-free reports that the deal has won FTC approval. Or has not.

In light of this development, I feel it is now safe to disable my
ULA auto-post (created to once a month, or specifically in response to news that "a decision on ULA is expected in two weeks, or simply at random, blog, "sure, we've heard that before").

In addition, at this time, SLP is ready to make a prediction regarding the hotly anticipated ULA outcome: When the FTC does in fact issue its decision on the merger, no one will believe it.

More to come.

Meanwhile, there's always interesting reading while awaiting the government's action on ULA. From The Space Review this week, here is
Taylor Dinerman's take on the joint venture.

And going forward, have no fear -- when ULA news breaks, somebody will fix it.

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