Friday Flybys - 9.22.06

For you Flybys fans, some goodies this week . . .

  • In The Space Review, Alex Howerton has a piece discussing implementing the FAA’s commercial space flight safety and training guidelines.

  • From George Washington University's The Daily Colonial, here's a brief recap of Prof. John Dodson's Tuesday evening lecture,
  • “Outer Space: The Next Frontier for International Affairs?”

    In his Dollars & Sense column this month, telecomm lawyer Owen Kurtin looks at antitrust enforcement in and out of the satellite sector. (Via Satellite)

  • If you missed this week's program the University of Mississippi School of Law's National Remote Sensing and Space Law Center entitled, "Divergences and Convergences: A Symposium Addressing Space Law and Intellectual Property Regimes," you can find an archive of the webcast here.

  • Rand Simberg was on hand at the AIAA conference for Bigelow's big announcement about its space hotel. (Speaking of Rand, there is no confirmation that the mystery debris floating around outside the shuttle included Rand's lost mouse.)

  • Clark keeps up with hot Lockheed news (and everything else).

  • How cool was it that the crew of Atlantis and Ms. Ansari with her fellow travelers shared some orbital headlines this week? Ours is a small planet and the space around it just got smaller, too.

  • Finally, there is no truth to any rumor that I have been spotted on the 3D virtual world Second Life, hanging out in a makeshift office and dispensing legal information to residents. But if you happen to be over there and see my avatar (who is taller and sports more outrageous hairstyles than me) go over and say hi!

  • Happy Autumnal Equinox. Have a great weekend ;)

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