ABA Aerospace & Defense Committee Update

Usually when I post about the ABA, it's in connection with the Forum on Air & Space Law. But I received an update from the ABA's Aerospace and Defense Industries Committee, (which is part of the Section of International Law), so for you bar association junkies, here are some highlights of that e-mail (slightly edited for length -- we know how long-winded lawyers get):
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We'd like to wish you a warm welcome to the 2006-2007 ABA year as a member of the Aerospace and Defense Industries (A&DI) Committee. [Actually, I am not currently a member--JL.]

Here is a quick list of projects we have begun working on already:

Steering Committee: We need volunteers to serve in this critical role in supporting the Committee and would very much appreciate any expressions of interest by committee members, within DC and elsewhere.

Newsletter: We would like to try and pull together a Committee newsletter for quarterly electronic distribution, focusing on significant events and issues. We need volunteers to help coordinate this effort and to provide inputs.

"Brown Bag" lunches: While our efforts will initially focus on the Washington, DC area, the travel schedules and home bases of our Committee members certainly allow for a broader scope of these types of events. If members would like to work on organizing these types of events in other locations, please let us know.

Program for Spring Meeting: We are also interested in receiving suggestions from committee members for a program that can be developed and presented at the Spring 2007 ABA meeting. Please provide any such suggestions as quickly as possible, since the deadline for submitting proposals is October 3. [Oops, missed it. Sorry.--JL]

Year In Review: Finally, we are interested in receiving suggestions from committee members on new law that might be included in a Year in Review submission. Please provide such suggestions within the next few weeks, as well, since the deadline for the overall submission is December 1.

Teleconferences: The ABA has initiated teleconference programs during which issues of significance to members can be reviewed in some detail. This type of program allows participation across cities on topics of particular interest to committee members. The deadline for the first set of teleconference proposals is October 23, so any suggestions in this regard would also be timely and very welcome.

We look forward to an exciting and productive year and welcome your active participation.

Howard Stanislawski, Chair
James Kearney and William Steinman, Vice Chairs

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