Among the October 2006 COMSTAC (Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee) meeting and working groups goodies and presentations now available on FAA/AST's site is Dr. James A. Vedda of the Aerospace Corporation Center for Space Policy & Strategy's powerpoint, "Study of the Liability Risk Sharing Regime in the US for Commercial Space Transportation," which as you may recall is a study congressionally mandated under the CSLAA. (You may also recall a similar study in April 2002.) Congress wants options for gradual elimination of the commercial space transportation liability risk sharing regime (49 USC ยง 70113). The study considers the option of maintaining government risk-sharing: making indemnification permanent; removing cap on tier 2 indemnification. Then it puts forth a phase-out plan, with five year intervals between stages of this strategy. Of course, there are "concerns." Click through the whole thing.

(And I am reading Dr. Vedda's presentation between dispensing Halloween treats to vampires, ghosts, zombies, cowboys, Superman, a Power Ranger, mermaids, Dorothy, a few Harry Potter characters, and yes, one little lawyer in a pinstripe suit with gavel and briefcase. And I hope his parents don't find out about this. In any case, working at home is a pleasure provided there are nonstop distractions like these. Boo!)

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