Got Rules?

Some people think lawyers love rules. Nonsense. But enough about what lawyers love.

As anticipated, (and as
Clark reminded us earlier this week,) today the FAA issued its proposed rules for Human Space Flight Requirements for Crew and Space Flight Participants (-- that's a link is to the text version, or if you prefer, here's the 123 page pdf.) (14 CFR Parts 401, 415, 431, 435, 440, 450, and 460) [Docket No. FAA-2005-23449; Notice No. 05-17]

I wanted to post it as I read through, with assurances to Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation Patricia G. Smith that the holiday eggnog and champagne will have worn off before we comment. Much more on this to come.

Here's the FAA's summary:

The FAA proposes requirements for human space flight of crew and space flight participants as required by the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004. If adopted, this rulemaking would establish requirements for crew qualifications, training, and notification. It would also establish training and informed consent requirements for space flight participants. The rulemaking would also modify existing financial responsibility requirements to account for the FAA's new authority for space flight participants and crew, and to issue experimental permits. The experimental permit is the subject of a separate rulemaking. The FAA is conducting this rulemaking in order to fulfill its responsibilities under the new act. The requirements are designed to provide an acceptable level of safety to the general public, and to notify individuals on board of the risks associated with a launch or reentry.
(By the way, these days, it's quick and easy to comment on NPRMs. As the FAA's notice directs, use Regulations.gov; or, go directly to the Department of Transportation's docket site -- and here is the page for the proposed commercial space requirements, FAA-2005-23449.)

And remember, ya gotta play by the space rules.

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