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Commercial space rocks. And these days, sure-footed space bloggers have been publishing a range of resources designed for space tourists, industry watchers, investors, lawyers and others who are interested in keeping up with the newfangled and fast-growing private space arena. Here are some of the latest offerings.

Blogspace is buzzing about Michael Mealling's new
COTS Watch, a blog covering all you want to know about NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) initiative. A great idea. If you have or want clients in commercial space, watch this space.

Operating out of the
Rocket Dungeon (much cooler than the bat cave), Dick Stafford compiles a big databank of private space access ventures. His breakdown includes everything from vehicle type, mission, propulsion, payload, launch site, status and more. Blast over there.

Hobby Space, Clark Lindsay gathers innovative business concepts, companies working on launch and propulsion technologies, and of course RLV's." (Clark even found a company he hadn't heard of!)

And this one you have to pay for, but Clark points to the AIAA publication,
International Reference Guide to Space Launch Systems, Fourth Edition (2004), by Steven J. Isakowitz, NASA; Joshua Hopkins, Lockheed Martin; Joseph P. Hopkins Jr., Andrews Space and Technology. (Discounted for members.)

Go make friends.

(Need tips on marketing and meeting clients? Everybody can't be
Peter Pettibone at Hogan & Hartson, but no worries, there's lots of help out here. Try Tom Kane's blog for some legal marketing tips, Terrie Wheeler's Marketing Basics for Lawyers: Tips, Tools and Techniques for Building your Practice, Ed Poll's LawBiz Blog, and now might be a good time for a bit of a Makeover for Your Communication Skills, from the editors of Law.com.)

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