Ultimate Fighting at NASA

Here are a few lovely holiday stocking stuffer ideas for the second in command at NASA. I suggest tickets to UFC Ultimate Fight Night. Or, perhaps, the Ultimate Fighter Season 1 DVD Set. Or even this fashionable "I Love UFC" women's white tee shirt.

A lady, especially one who is a famous lawyer and high-powered government official, needs to relax. And as Jeff Foust
reports from the Women in Aerospace breakfast honoring NASA women leaders this week, Shana Dale made mention of at least one of her interests outside of the space arena: "The Oxygen Channel? I don't watch TV that much, and it's usually just the news or C-SPAN. But, you know, when I do, I watch Ultimate Fighting on Spike TV."

I'm with Ms. Dale. Of course, ultimate fighting is not for everyone. My kickboxing instructor Kurt, for example, said he'd much rather meditate or do yoga than watch the fights on Spike TV. (I asked him after class last night.) But some of us girls just can't resist the action.

This leads Jeff to wonder "whether there is any similarity between Ultimate Fighting and, say, the NASA appropriations process." As a fight fan, all I can say is, let's hope so!

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