An Earful of Space Law

Put on your fuzzy robe and foo-foo slippers and pull up a cozy armchair. Jeff Foust reminds us that tonight, The Space Show will feature a panel of space lawyers, talking about, of all things, the wild and weird world of space law. The show will feature top personalities in space law (hey, some folks do it, others just write silly blogs): Rosanna Sattler and Wayne White, as well as first timers on the Show, Berin Szoka and Jim Dunstan.

live at 7:00-8:30PM Pacific Time (that's 10:00 to me in NYC). But don't worry about the schedule. (And this is at least one reason I went out this weekend and replaced my lost iPod with a shiny new one: cool podcasts of The Space Show -- since I always miss it live.)

And for more of your podcast consuming pleasure, here is just a sampling of some of the recent programming from the Show of particular interest to space law buffs:

Rosanna Sattler (Sept. 20, 2005)

Kerry Scarlott (Nov. 15, 2005) - talking about ITAR

Declan O'Donnell (July 31, 2005)

Also, coming up Saturday, Jan. 7, 2006: 12:00-1:30PM PT, Prof. Joanne Gabrynowicz will talk about space law issues and, her favorite, remote sensing.

By the way, for a past appearance of Prof. Gabrynowicz (who must be back by now from that UN space law conference in Nigeria) tune into
this broadcast from September, 2004 (-- that was before podcasting of the show, which began in January, but listen via the .wma file.) And browse the archive for more cool broadcasts of the authoritative and interesting show.

A basket of
space flowers from SLP to Dr. David Livingston.

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