Most Controversial Space Column

Just in time for a happy new year, Sam Dinkin writes a column we all can agree on.

Of course, here on SLP, we only have good things to say about all space ventures, including the ones Sam mentions -- ATK Thiokol, Bigelow Aerospace, Boeing, Energia, Imaginova, Incredible Adventures, Lockheed Martin, Liftport, Masten Space Systems, Northrup Grumman, Pratt & Whitney, Rocketplane, Space Adventures, The Spaceship Company, SpaceShot, SpaceX, TGV Rockets, t/Space, United Space Alliance, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Skill, XCOR Aerospace -- and more. So I personally will be the first to collect $1 dollar from Diplomat Dinkin for "not talk[ing] down any aerospace companies for twelve months." Easiest buck I'll ever make, and I'll put that good Yankee dollar toward a game on SpaceShot.

Of course, as lawyers, we know a bit of the ol' "Moon vs. Mars, hybrid vs. liquid, SSTO vs. TSTO, alt vs. biz, tourism vs. military, private vs. public, orbital vs. suborbital, robots vs. people, and asteroids vs. space invaders" can be invigorating too.

But Sam's right: Less dissent, proceed to ascent. Way to begin a new year in space.

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