Dig that moon

Well I got knocked out of the blogloop this week, due to a conflux of events (-- a series of large meteorites hit my desk early in the week), but thank goodness for Jeff at Space Politics and the other blogspace cadets for keeping everyone up-to-the-minute.

Meanwhile, someone else has been very busy: Here's my super smart and industrious 3-year old nephew preparing for
NASA's fifth Centennial Challenge --the Regolith Excavation Challenge, in which NASA will award a $250,000 prize to a team that designs and builds "autonomously operating systems to excavate lunar regolith, or 'moon dirt,' and deliver it to a collector."

Jake will attempt to tackle that lunar soil problem with nothing but his cool remote control Robosapien and shiny, rugged new excavator truck (both of which his Auntie Jesse gave him). High five, Jakie!

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