Friday Flybys (vol. 23)

Warp speed...

Mike Griffin was back at the House Science Committee yesterday, chatting about money. (NASA Watch)

Shana Dale appeared before the Senate Commerce Committee for her confirmation hearing, talking about how she can help Mike.

Across town, Jeff Foust covered a conference at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in which Griffin spoke about
international cooperation in space exploration.

If you missed the public seminar last week at the National Academies on property rights and the moon, here are panel presentations posted by
James E. Dunstan, of Garvey, Shubert, Barer, and High Frontier director Klaus P. Heiss. I know Professor Reynolds wanted to go, but since his new book is not about space law, why would he?

Jon Goff is
not worried that litigation may distract Elon Musk from Falcon building. "It's not like the ~120 engineers at SpaceX have all abandoned Omelek Island and McGregor Ranch to don wingtips, three-piece suits, and briefcases to take on the big boys. They aren't the ones doing the legal footwork." Indeed.

Roger Pielke talks with
Nixon science advisor Dr. Ed David on Apollo about Apollo and other interesting stuff. (Prometheus)

Even without a
$5 billion shortfall NASA took flak for allocating $20,000 for an artist-in-residence. (Hey, at the rate NASA is going, an offbeat artist on a piddly stipend may be the only expense it can afford.) Personally, I always find that Hubble images are beautiful enough. And you don't have to buy tickets.

I see the
report of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, 48th session, (Vienna, June 8-17, 2005) is posted; however, the Legal Subcommittee, 44th session (Vienna, April 4-15, 2005) report is not up yet.

If the Australians left it to Stephen "Synergy" Gordon, he'd use the Solar Tower as the
base of a space elevator.

On the crime front,
Max Ary, former Kansas Cosmosphere director was indeed convicted by a federal jury on 12 counts involving stealing and selling space artifacts from the museum he co-founded. (via collectSPACE)

And while
Russia and China reportedly discuss cooperation in lunar exploration (AP via MSNBC), SpaceDaily reports a Russian space official was arrested for passing space technology to Beijing. Hmm.

Has it really been
five years since astronauts began living aboard the space station? Somehow it seems like ...more.

It appears some of the lads enjoyed an interesting debate this week on ESAS. (I would link to the posts by Dan, Mark, Dan, Jon, Rand, Mark, Rand, Jon... but I haven't finished them and my head is already spinning.)
robot guy (Ed) collected some of it. I think Rand got the last word, so far.

Ed also put together a
space blogroll. (I'll have to update.)

Eriq Gardner listens in on
lawyer podcasts. (via Law.com)

I've seen images of my home town from
space, never I quite pictured it this way.

So the U.S.
military wants to own the weather?? They can have it.

Enjoy your weekend. Don't worry about
space fashion. And remember, a rocket is like a guitar.

* * *
UPDATE: SLP congratulates Shana Dale on her confirmation by the Senate as NASA's 14th deputy administrator!

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