Galatea v. Thalassa

Space law moot court problem writers should work in Hollywood.

This year, the trouble begins with two rival space-faring nations on the western shores of the Nereid Ocean, the satellite companies, SpaceSense (50% owned by the government of Galatea, 49% private investors) and NeoImage (100% privately-owned) and sales of high resolution processed images of coastal states during the Fourth North Nereid War between Proteus and Larissa.

Naturally, as the action heat up, mishaps include a New year's eve loss of control of a satellite which subsequently survives re-entry only to crash into and explode in a munitions factory of the warring nation, Proteus. (Oops.)

Yes, for you fans of fake appellate litigation, the 2006 Manfred Lachs Space Law moot court problem, used by all three regions and the world finals, is up: Case Concerning the Sale and Operation of Certain Commercial Remote Sensing Satellites (Republic of Galatea v Kingdom of Thalassa). Download it and get cracking. See you at the world finals, Valencia, Spain, next October.

And now (digital drum roll, please)... SLP congratulates the winners of the
2005 space law moot court competition -- George Washington University Law School's Kristie Blase (J.D. '06) and Olivia Hussey (J.D. '05), and their coach, hot shot space lawyer Steve Mirmina at NASA, in the Case Concerning International Liability, Deltastan v Gammaland. (Fun with space elevators.) The finals took place October 21 in Fukuoka, Japan.

(By the way, as noted in the blog, Mootness, for 2005 champion
Ms. Blase, it ain't just space law. She also won the National Animal Law Moot Court Competition. Cudos for that. But come on, compared to the final legal frontier, isn't animal law kinda...tame?)

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