Falcon I almost ready...

This just arrived in my e-mail box: SpaceX has pushed back the Halloween launch date (no trick or treat jokes, please)

The target launch date for the Falcon I maiden flight is now late November to early December from our island launch complex in the Kwajalein Atoll. All systems will be ready for flight by the end of this week with the exception of Merlin qualification, which we are extending by four weeks for added surety.

The customer for this mission is DARPA and the Air Force and the payload will be FalconSat-2, part of the Air Force Academy’s satellite program that will measure space plasma phenomena, which can adversely affect space-based communications, including GPS and other civil and military communications.

There will be web video coverage of the launch and access details will be posted on the SpaceX website in the coming weeks. For video of the May hold down firing at Vandenberg, click here.

Falcon 1 on our launch pad on Omelek Island

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