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You didn't miss a thing at the annual Space Frontier Conference this weekend in Los Angeles. That's because Rand Simberg was there, taking it all in and live blogging at close to light speed. Next best thing to quantum teleporting there yourself.

Here's Rand on the
spaceflight regulation panel with Jim Muncy of Polispace, Jim Dunstan of t/Space, Randall Clague of XCOR and George Nield of the FAA.

And Rand on the
ITAR panel, chaired by Berin Szoka of the Institute for Space Law and Policy, and including Kerry Scarlott, of Posternak, Blankenstein and Lund, Dennis Wingo of Orbital Recovery and Skycorp, and Randall Clague with XCOR.

And Rand on the
role of government session, which brough together Mark Schlather, Gary Oleson of Northrop Grumman, Barbara Thompson of NASA Goddard, Tom Matula MBA Professor, Henry Vanderbilt of the Space Access Society, Ed Hudgins of Objectivist Center.

And of course, Rand on Michael Mealling's space tech speed dating showcase.

Read them all. And thanks, Rand.

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