Las Cruces Chronicles

I was away and off screen for a few days (--alas, not in New Mexico) so I'm quickly catching up with X Prize Cup recaps from the eventful weekend. Here's a good sampling:

Jeff Foust reports on the
space show, including the triumph of XCOR's EZ-Rocket which everyone says was the show-stopper, brought out of retirement to fly at at Las Cruces, as well as Starchaser's oxygen/kerosene rocket which went up in a blaze of well, not quite the same kind of glory as the EZ. (Never mind, there's always next year's Cup.) Jeff notes that although there were scrubbed launches and a few VIP cancellations (Buzz Aldrin and Governor Richardson were both MIA, but we're sure neither has lost that lovin' feeling), a large crowd did turn out, thus there's "plenty of room for growth as the so-called 'personal spaceflight revolution' gathers momentum in the years to come..."

Leonard David
sums it up for Space.com.

Michael Belfiore offers his own
live blogging.

Clark Lindsey logs his observations and insights (and I was going to link to his six or seven individual posts but heck, just open Clark's blog and read everything. And not just during XP Cup season, either.

And of course Alan Boyle reports on New Mexico's space future, along with more XP Cup news.

Thanks guys. See you all there next year.

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