"This is Your Space Program"

This graphic was designed by X Prize Cup promoters specifically for Space Law Probe. It depicts a young space traveler applying online for a "spaceship license." Other space tourists are awaiting their turn. The application process is simple and requires no lawyers.

No, I'm kidding. I don't know who created this graphic, I found it in the X Prize press kit. And yes, you bet you'll need a team of lawyers to get your spaceship license. Until further notice.

But there is good news one year after SpaceShipOne took home the $10 million X Prize. Lots of it. Rocket racing and all kinds of stuff. So if you're an up-and-coming space lawyer, entrepreneur or tourist, and you're not
in or on your way to New Mexico, you better hit the road.

(As for me, my niece -- a future Mars explorer herself -- is in town this weekend and I'll be taking her to the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, which is a few blocks from my apartment in Manhattan. But . . .) I'll be checking in with everyone who's blogging live from the long-awaited
2005 Countdown to the X Prize Cup, and all the hot ticket events including the symposium on the future of spaceflight at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, educational activities at the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo, and Personal Spaceflight Expo at the Las Cruces International Airport on October 9th.

Have a blast.

(And while you're there, give my regards to Peter Diamandis and Governor Bill Richardson.)

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