Speed dating for space companies

Michael Mealling is playing space matchmaker again. And that's good for space biz.

Here's how it works: At the
Space Frontier Foundation's Conference in Los Angeles on October 21st - 23rd, Michael Mealling (of RocketForge) will be hosting -- or shall I say, chaperoning? -- a panel similar to the popular one he ran at Return to the Moon 2005, in which space entrepreneurs got an opportunity to present a five minute sales pitch or presentation to introduce their space product, project or company to an audience which in turn got to ask questions. Great way to network and market your stuff.

By the way, Michael says the panel is open to anyone "doing business in or with the space industry" so if you're a space lawyer with particular expertise or services to offer growing space companies, why not
drop Michael a note and ask to get on the line-up?

After all, if you don't talk to strangers, you don't make any friends.

Good luck!

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