Sam's SpaceShot

Space Law Probe loves space ventures.

And here's a hottie. Over on Out of the Cradle, blogmaster Rob Wilson
interviews Sam Dinkin, CEO of a cool new space venture, SpaceShot, an online skill game in which players will compete to win a suborbital flight with Rocketplane.

Tune in. Sam talks about his vision for the company, and making space accessible to people who aren't rich.

And Sam says he plans to offer SpaceShot to participants "wherever it's legal." (Ah. Sam hasn't asked me, but if he did, I would immediately recommend world class firm
Arent Fox for expert legal advice on contests, sweepstakes and online gaming: they can lead any company through the legal minefields of complex state and international gaming regulations. I am in no way affiliated with the firm.)

(By the way, Sam, whose name is well-known in space media for his writings and contributions in The Space Review and other hot venues, also recently introduced SpaceShot at Michael Mealling's speed dating forum at the Space Frontier Conference, as you might have read on Rand Simberg's live blog of

I'll look forward to giving SpaceShot a whirl.

Let the space games begin.

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