Attack of the Law Bloggers

Definitely not for space law bloggers only...

Billed as a convention of "the largest group of legal bloggers ever assembled for two days of education, innovation, fellowship and fun," if you ask some people, it's really just a sinister gathering of lawyers conspiring to take over the blogoverse:

Yes, it's
BlawgThink 2005, coming to Chicago, November 11-12, 2005.

Questions that may or may not be addressed at BlawgThink 2005 include: Why must lawyers blog? Aren't lawyers seen and heard enough? And what about fears that the blogosphere is already way overlawyered, what with
Technorati top of the pops and TTLB chart topping blogmasters like Glenn Reynolds, Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga, Eugene Volokh, Hugh Hewitt, Ann Althouse, the guys at Powerline, and many more.

(By the way, rumors that Michelle Malkin and Wonkette herself were secretly cramming for their LSAT's have not been confirmed.)

Not to mention all these zillions of blawgs.

And the ultimate questions: Does blogspace really need BlawgThink? How can we stop it??

Be very afraid.

Blawg ispa loquitor.

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