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At SpaceX, there's never any downtime. What's Elon Musk do all day when he's not busy litigating against giant competitors? Jeff Foust covers Elon's appearance at SpaceVision2005, where the commercial rocket company mogul talked about Merlin engines, bigger Falcons and the "effort to be the 'Southwest Airlines of space'."

And speaking of SpaceX, I found the following announcement in the new, free, interactive
space calendar, brought online by the folks at SpaceAlumni.com (where you can post your space events, view events by day, week or month, and keyword search upcoming happenings. Cool... Of course, you have to make time for this stuff. But that's your problem.)

From PayPal to Payloads: How Internet and Space Ventures are the Same … and Different!”

The International Association of Space Entrepreneurs proudly presents its 2005 Speaker Series event, featuring Elon Musk.
Please join us for a lively discussion with one of the space industries hottest entrepreneurs. Elon successfully founded and sold two technology ventures (including PayPal, which was acquired by eBay) before turn his eyes skyward with SpaceX. Listen as he compares and contrasts his experiences in the Internet and space industries.
What: IASE 2005 Speaker Series

Who: Elon Musk, SpaceX
When: Thursday, November 18, 2005
Where: Los Angeles, CA

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