Spy Games ;-)

Some things that happen at the National Reconnaissance Office are classified. But SLP has reviewed publicly available intelligence that demonstrates U.S. spy tax dollars are hard at work providing for our nation's secure future, on the NRO's NRO Junior, an online training facility where future espionage professionals can hone their top-secret skills by putting together a spy satellite jigsaw puzzle (oops - didn't mean to give away the result), maneuver a spy satellite through a maze (watch out for Whirly Lizard!), build a paper plate satellite puppet, engage in a thrilling game of satellite capsule catch, or listen to patriotic tunes like, "Whosh Goes Satellite" or even "Twinkle Little Star."

Rest easy, America, the NRO is on the job and making strides pursuant to fulfilling its mission to "revolutionize global reconnaissance" and serve as "Freedom's Sentinel in Space."

(Link sent in by
D.J. Den Herder, who should be working on his space law thesis at Leiden. Get back to work, D.J.!)

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