One week ago today, Space Law Probe experienced a cosmic event. At first I thought it was a way earlier than anticipated arrival of the singularity that Professor Reynolds keeps talking about. But it was just another one of those earth-shaking Instalanches.

(You missed it? No you didn't. In response to my post titled, Is Space Law Like Sex, the funny professor posted YES, IT IS, because you just want to do it again and again. Whoooosh. The smoke is still pouring out of my hit counter. By the way, I did want to follow up. Here's a personal message for all 80,000,000,000 plus visitors who discovered Space Law Probe for the first time last Thursday. I have your domain. I have your IP address. Now that we've been properly introduced and we're all friends -- and this is the kind of girl I am -- I'm coming to your homes and workplaces to make sure you do not forget to bookmark Space Law Probe, subscribe to the feed, check in every day, and of course, add Space Law Probe to your blogroll.

And whatever you do, don't wait for another link from Instapundit. Professor Reynolds is busy and he may not get back around here for some time. (Unless he links to this post? Naaah...) Meanwhile, Space Law Probe is here for you. (Keep in mind, this is just a niche little space "blawg" and there's really no way to actually include *sex* or oblique references thereto in a lot of posts without sounding rather strange. But I'll do what I can.)

Because in the end, the lesson is clear, and sooner or later every blogger in the linkosphere who is lucky enough to get the big rush, to experience those 15 earth-shaking minutes of instafame learns it: When the Instapundit links to your blog, it really is like sex -- you want him "to do it again and again."

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