Is Space Law Like Sex?

Today I have a real treat, as well as a blogosphere exclusive, for Space Law Probers and guests, from Professor Glenn Reynolds, space law aficionado and author of the classic text, Outer Space: Problems of Law and Policy.

First, I acknowledge: Some people in the space community worry that Prof. Glenn Reynolds has veered too far from his roots as a space law expert and author. Sure, his renowned space law book sells every day on Amazon. And we see how he does return to the fold in his regular
Tech Central Station column when he writes about law relating to space elevators and other important topics.

But look at some of the extraneous things with which our beloved space law professor involves himself.

Never mind his many articles along the lines of, for example,
Is Democracy Like Sex?

What about his appearing on countless TV shows and radio broadcasts, talking with the other, if I may, pundits, about any topic under the sun, not necessarily space at all? And what's with hosting that
blog (or even that other blog) -- undertakings that could easily tend to distract the professor from pressing space law business? (Incidentally, you have to look carefully on the About Me page of one of the top blogs on earth because unless you click the correct link you will find no mention of the host's involvement and interest in the field of space law. None.)

Folks in space law and industry wonder: What gets into him? What is he thinking?

But every now and again, like today, there is a glimmer of hope. Yes, this summer Prof. Reynolds published a new journal article on space law -- this one for the Chicago Journal of International Law summer 2005 symposium on space law. And here it is:

(By the way, did he put the article on Instapundit? Well nooooo. You see what I mean? But never mind. I got a copy, along with permission to post it to Space Law Probe.)

International Space Law in Transformation: Some Observations

Vintage Reynolds. Here we get some of his current musings and insights on space tourism, space militarization, space environmental issues and other select topics. Of course he could have gone on for chapters and chapters. If he wasn't so... distracted... with other things. You know. But clearly we see that although the good professor has strayed, and quite shamelessly, he still knows and loves space law. He remembers where it all began for him. Despite his wanderings.

So who knows? Maybe the professor will come back for good. And we can help. Anytime he wants, Prof. Reynolds can come over here and guest blog Space Law Probe. Annnnytime.

Sure. After all, you can take the professor out of space law and blast him into an impossibly alluring orbit of fame and fortune in the blogosphere and beyond.

But you can't take the space law out of Professor Reynolds.

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