NASA Bites Big Apple

Got a heads-up from Greg Zsidisin, president of the New York Space Society (which is my local chapter of NSS) about this week's Inaugural 2005 NASA Small Business Solutions Conference, in New York City, Aug. 31 to Sept. 2.

The conference is the first of a possible series, intended for business people who might partner with NASA. Registration runs from $100 for one day to $500 for the full conference including a golf outing. (Don't ask me where people play golf in Manhattan. I have no idea.)

The Discovery (STS-114) astronauts will be there too.

Greg says, "In and of itself, the conference is an exciting development. As a business capital, as well as media capital, NYC has a lot to offer to, and benefit from, this kind of professional-level event."

And it sounds like a good opportunity for New York area space lawyers (that is, any who aren't out on the beach in the Hamptons this week). Thanks, Greg! And if only to shake the hand of Discovery Commander Eileen Collins, I'll sure hop on the subway and head over to NASA's shindig myself. See you there!

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