Viva New Mexico Space

Space means business in the 47th U.S. state (which is also the 5th biggest and 36th most populous), New Mexico.

New Mexico's new Space Authority, met for the first time yesterday. The Space Authority will oversee the development and operations of the Southwest Regional Spaceport to be built in Southern New Mexico, near Upham.

And not a moment too soon. In May, to the delight of New Mexico's business development community and its die-hard space enthusiasts, including Governor Bill Richardson (and to the great disappointment of Florida, California and many other states), the X Prize Foundation
selected New Mexico to host the upcoming X Prize Cup. And if you missed any of the hoopla so far, Charles Vane recently covered all the hot New Mexican space happenings (in The Space Review).

So remember the New Mexican state motto:
Crescit eundo. It grows as it goes. (Which apparently refers to a thunderbolt flashing across the sky. Pretty cool.)

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