Vacation Space

I'm off blogspace for an EVA of about 10 days or so. Returning to the Probe August 9th or thereabouts.

For now, space out and enjoy the summer (or whatever season it is where you logon from). Do a
perfect backflip like Commander Eileen Collins. (She makes it look so easy.) Take a swim in this amazing ice lake found on Mars. Explore a large new world (but is it a planet?) discovered beyond Pluto. Try out for Apollo 13 director Ron Howard's new space-reality TV show. . . . That sort of thing.
Oh, and for your space law book shopping convenience, here's a list of links to some books (sold on Amazon) that contain the reference Outer Space Treaty.

So hitch your starwagon to Space Law Probe. (And whatever you do, don't go running off with any other space blawggers when I'm away.)



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