Murder Mystery in Space

Murder in space? It hasn't happened. Yet. But extraterrestrial homicide is always a sure-fire sci-fi plot. And some lawyers love to write (even more than they enjoy practicing law). Want to pen your own space crime mystery? Here's an announcement from Law Seminars International about the first workshop on Writing the Legal Thriller/Mystery for Lawyers," scheduled for August 26th in Seattle, Washington. Why not?

But before you plot out your sizzling Grisham-meets-Asimov bestseller, one imaginative lawyer has already beat you to the first legal thriller that happens on a space station (-- or is it a fact pattern for a Manfred Lachs space law moot court competition? --) and I just ordered a copy for myself: It's
Reaching Beyond: A Space Thriller, by space lawyer Nora E. Milner.

(Yes, I'll be adding Nora's book to Spacelawstation's listing of
Space Law Books, which will make Reaching Beyond, notably, the first and only work of fiction on the list.)

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