Elevator Space (updated)

I thought today would be a slow space day, but then Glenn Reynolds and Rand Simberg blogged about (blogged on? blogged of?) space elevators, an uplifting topic any day, which then reminded me of the 2005 Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition, which I first mentioned in this post (last year).

And yes, the world finals of this year's space law moot are coming up, October, at the 56th International Astronautical Congress and the I.I.S.L. Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space, in Fukuoka, Japan. (But no, Prof. Reynolds will not be judging the competition. For one thing, as everyone knows, he's busy writing another book. But it's not a follow-up to his space law book, so what's in it for us? Well, we'll have to wait and see...)

* * *

UPDATE: The new Tech Central Station column is UP . . . yes, the good professor is heads up about a leaner, meaner, NASA and a future filled with superstrong carbon nanotube space elevators, if we're really smart. I'm with him.)

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