Space Station Blues

Jeff Foust captures the views of some space experts who met last week on a panel to chew on The trouble with space stations. It wasn't pretty . . .

* * *

It’s always easier to draw these things than to build them.
--Roger Launius,
National Air and Space Museum historian

My argument [is] that’s it’s the sheer magnitude of the task.
--William Dwyer,
NASA’s Johnson Space Center (engineer, worked on both Freedom and ISS)

I really think that we have taken on an incredible challenge here.
--Al Diaz
Formerly NASA’s associate administrator for science

The problem I have seen with the space station is that the requirements are constantly in motion.
--Keith Cowing,
NASA Watch (who worked at NASA’s space station program office)

We have the wrong people working the wrong system doing the wrong job the wrong way and for the wrong reason.
--Rick Tumlinson,
Space Frontier Foundation co-founder

ITAR has to be changed.
--Rick Tumlinson

We don’t need a space station to go to the Moon.
--Chris Faranetta,
Space Adventures, vice president of the orbital space flight program

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