FAA Gives LiftPort Thumbs Up

LiftPort Group, the space elevator companies, announced that the Federal Aviation Administration has issued it a waiver to use airspace to conduct preliminary tests of its high altitude robotic lifters.

As Liftport explains, "The lifters are early prototypes of the technology that the company is developing for use in its commercial space elevator to ferry cargo back and forth into space.

The tests, which are planned for early fall, will simulate a working space elevator by launching a model elevator 'ribbon' attached to moored balloon initially up to a mile high. The robotic lifters will then be tested in their ability to climb up and down the free-hanging ribbon, marking the first-ever test of this technology in the development of the space elevator concept."

LiftPort Group president Michael Laine said the FAA waiver "represents an important milestone for us as well in the development of our overall space elevator concept." (Via NanoInvestorNews)

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