e-Parliament Hearing on Space

This is not your Mom and Dad's congressional hearing on space. And it's the first I've heard of e-Parliament -- "a new global forum made up of democratic lawmakers."

Sounds like it could be interesting; in any case, it's definitely different: Today, the U.S. Congress will host legislators from Australia, Brazil, Britain, Denmark, the European Parliament, Ghana, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Norway for the "first online global parliamentary hearing" devoted to space issues (in fact, the first e-Parliament hearing ever). The hearing will be webcast live and open to participation by journalists worldwide.

Here is the
announcement from e-Parliament. According to the release, "The hearing will focus on the future of outer space, and in particular on the possible deployment of weapons in space. The use of space weapons is under consideration by the US Air Force and is becoming controversial. "

(Becoming controversial?)

The webcast link is
here (however, I tried to access the page, along with the main e-Parliament site, at various times yesterday all was down... still is. Maybe the organizers really don't want audience participation after all? I'll update later.)


UPDATE: It's up. Nice site. Webcast starts 10:00am Eastern time (14:00 GMT), one hour from now.

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