ECSL Practitioners Forum - Update

I note a hot addition to the European Centre for Space Law 2006 practitioners' forum, Space Tourism – Legal and Policy Aspects, March 17 at ESA headquarters in Paris, which I posted about here: a keynote has now been scheduled, "The plans of Virgin Galactic to develop space tourism" by none other than Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn. (Excellent choice by forum coordinator Dr. Frans von der Dunk.)

SLP's Euro-correspondent and space law LL.M candidate D.J. Den Herder, who was spotted sitting next to Mr. Whitehorn for lunch at the FAA/AST conference last year, will be semi-live blogging the forum for us in between personally serving the esteemed keynote speaker his refreshments. (Thanks for the update, D.J. Now get back to your thesis!)

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