Space Storm on the Hill

This year ProSpace's March Storm actually began on Feb. 26.

On the 2006
agenda for the intrepid citizen space advocates who blow through the halls of Congress every year at about this time includes presenting to federal lawmakers the ProSpace-authored SPACE Prize Act of 2006 (that's SPACE, as in, Space Prizes for the Advancement of Commerce & Enterprise), which would create and fund a National Space Prize Board, as well as lobbying Congress to establish the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Center for Entrepreneurial Space Access (ACES). Hot initiatives this season to advance commercial space. Brian Berger of Space News has an overview.

Thanks to ProSpace for the gusty efforts.
(Can I take off my winter coat and boots now? ;)

* * *
UPDATE: March 1 -- Jeff patiently corrects misapprehensions regarding March Storm contained in a Wired News article today, Space Hawks Chase Death Rays. Wired shoots at the wrong target here. As Jeff points out the "only element of the March Storm agenda that deals with military space is a request for the creation of the AFRL Center for Entrepreneurial Space Access to be a liaison between the entrepreneurial space community and the military on the development of responsive space launch systems, at the princely sum of $5 million in FY07. One might imagine that such systems could, theoretically, be used for future space weapons systems, but that's certainly not the thrust of the project."

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