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From Space Law Probe's correspondent at the International Institute of Air & Space Law in Leiden -- yes, our intrepid, globe-trotting space law LL.M candidate D.J. Den Herder -- comes an announcement about the ECSL practitioners' forum on space tourism, scheduled for March 17 at ESA headquarters in Paris.

D.J.'s Professor at Leiden, Dr. von der Dunk, is coordinating the trend-setting forum.

Here are highlights from the draft program:

Draft Programme ECSL Practitioners Forum 2006
Space Tourism: Legal and Policy Aspects
ESA Headquarters, Paris, 17 March 2006

Morning Session: Surveying the Scene
Chairman: Dr. G. Lafferranderie, ECSL Chairman

Dr. F.G. von der Dunk, ECSL Practitioners Forum Coordinator

Space tourism: lessons learned from the ISS: experience
Mr. A. Farand, ESA Legal Department, Paris

Is there a market for space tourism?
Mr. Giget, Euroconsult

Which vehicle for space tourism?
Mr. C. Dubreuil, EADS Space

Finance and taking of security
Prof. Dr. H. Kronke, UNIDROIT, Rome

The status of crews and passengers
Prof. P. Achilleas, University of Paris XI, Sceaux

Liability and insurance issues
Mr. P. Montpert, AON, Paris

The role of national laws in licensing companies and activities
Prof. A. Kerrest de Rozavel, University of West Brittany, Brest

Concluding remarks
Dr. G. Lafferranderie, Dr. F.G. von der Dunk

Here is the
registration form.

And I will note that a space tourism law forum would not have happened just a few years ago. Dr. von der Dunk's practitioner's forum is a good sign of an industry on the rise. Where space tourism takes us, international and domestic law is sure to follow. And sometimes, law will also lead. Expect much more of this sort of offering, from the world-class legal minds at Leiden, and many others.

So . . . looks like our hardworking D.J. gets to go to Paris! Wish I could attend the forum. C'est la vie. But if we're lucky, perhaps D.J. will do some live or semi-live blogging from the city for us, oui?

For now, get back to work on your thesis, D.J.! (And when you get a chance, remember to send more pictures!)

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