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In The Space Review this week, Jeff Foust reviews Virgiliu Pop's book, Unreal Estate: The Men Who Sold the Moon.

Get your copy of the book
here (Amazon), or here (Lulu, from which you can also buy Unreal Estate in e-book format for $5.99 which is a super idea, although I do like the hardcover on my shelf; you can also peek into a free preview).

By the way, this is the
press release for the book (also appearing, I see, in slightly rewritten form in today's SpaceDaily) in which I got quoted saying something for which I may have to apologize to my law school property professor. I mean, I didn't actually fall asleep during that class; I may have drifted off now and again...

As Jeff notes, (also see my post
here),Virgil's book is less a space law treatise and more of a historic overview of celestial property claims, dealings and profiteering. Pour yourself a chilled snake oil cocktail and dig in.

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