Due to the exigencies of work this Saturday, I missed the live afternoon broadcast of Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz on The Space Show -- but no worries, I downloaded the podcast of the program to my shiny new black 60-gig video IPOD for mid-week listening pleasure. (My only regret is that there's no video of Joanne to go with the audio.)

I don't know about you, but for me, groovin' to a discussion about space toursim, space treaties, remote sensing issues and other topics in space law can be as engaging as listening to, for example, the new Rolling Stones CD,
A Bigger Bang, (which I picked up on iTunes because I liked the name).

This is the summary of the show, courtesy of our gracious host, Dr. Livingston.

Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz returned for this Space Show program for several important space law updates. We began the program discussing the Disaster Charter (www.disasterscharter.org) and its meaning for satellites and emergency assistance. This is an important discussion. We also spoke about the importance of the Group On Earth Observations (www.earthobservations.org) and a different type of satellite assistance for emergencies and humanitarian reasons. Professor Gabrynowicz gave us new information about the Journal of Space Law which she edits at the University of Mississippi, Landsat and the Office of Science and Technology Policy which issued a new key decision on Dec. 23, 2005, she updated us on the space law workshops with the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs, and the new space tourism proposed regulations available on the FAA website (www.faa.gov). We also talked about how best to get your voice heard on issues of concern, Russian and Chinese participation in earth observation satellite programs, and much more. In response to questions, Professor Gabrynowicz spoke about the frontier history for settlement and compared it to Australia regarding space law and frontier law. This is a great program and after hearing it, you will want more. You can send questions or comments to Professor Gabrynowicz at jgabryno@olemiss.edu.

(By the way, speaking of our host Dr. Livingston, guess who gave an interview over at Out of the Cradle last month.) (Or, see the reprint in The Space Review).

Podcasting is supercool. And now that the
Instapundit and the lovely, multimedia Dr. Helen are podcasting, we all better get on board with it. (But really, we don't need all that hardcore equipment and weird record producing software our musical producer/professor uses, he just happens to have the stuff lying around in his basement.)

For more podcasting fun, here's the first
podcast from space.

And some lovely
Spitzer Space Telescope podcasts.

In fact, download the universe with all the official

This settle it. SLP will podcast something soon.

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