Space Lawyer Wins EURISY Award

It's not an Oscar, but for a space lawyer, it's pretty cool. The Probe congratulates space lawyer Dr. Gabriel Lafferranderie, chairman (and founder in 1989) of the European Centre for Space Law, on winning the EURISY's Hubert Curien Award "for outstanding personal or institutional accomplishment in outer space."

The award was presented in Paris.

Dr. Lafferranderie served as the Legal Adviser of the European Space Agency. He helped draft the ESA Convention as well as many international agreements concluded by the Agency, and advised ESA's national delegations on legal matters.

He worked on "countless international negotiations" and participated in international conferences and sessions of the Legal Subcommittee of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

Dr. Lafferranderie earned his law doctorate from the University of Toulouse in 1966 for his thesis on the legal regime governing satellite telecommunications.

The Probe salutes a world-class space lawyer.

(By the way,
Hubert Curien, himself, the dignitary after which the award was named -- scientist, former minister, architect of European space policy and father of the Ariane series of rockets -- died Feb 6. He was 80.)

EURISY, an association of space agencies and organizations, promotes space applications in everyday life.

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